World View



Take a look around

And tell me what you see

Ideas of this world

That are supposedly sound

But much evidence missing indeed

To take heed

And continue to proceed

Learning and regrowing

The same old seeds

No technology is needed

When it comes to the natural senses

In tune with this world

But never the consensus

Did I forget to mention?

Seeing space and other dimensions

As a vast and steady invention

But what is the real or actual intention?

Where did such evidence come from?

And when the mind goes numb

Only to succumb

To whatever is thrown out in front

And call it science

No asking of questions

With the same old bias

When critical and free thinking

Can take us much higher

Than even desired

Or ever thought possible

Reaching and expecting more

Instead of the improbable

Go beyond what has been asked of you

And start to look upon this world

From a different point of view


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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