Redemption by Valsa George

A black cloud envelops my sky
Threatening to rain down a torrent of pain
Oceans of commotion swirl in my brain
And I try to bandage the wounds in vain

I see only the receding vistas of light
And night prowling like a stealthy thief
The past chills the mind like hanging icicles
And I feel so heavy with frozen grief

I inch my way up like an ugly snail
My life is riddled with contradictions
Oh, I am way laid, lost and beaten
From every corner, I meet only oppositions

I must break loose of all the tethers
Let my soul embrace all that is dear
From this cage, I must fly out
The sky beyond me lies blue and clear! 

Now I am on a journey of redemption
I tell myself- “Come out from this hell
Just start anew, nothing is beyond retrieval
The dawn is near and all shall be well


Valsa George

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