The Author Of Destiny



He is the Creator

And has always been

And denial of this

Has been a constant trend

And where has this gotten us

Other than much confusion

And unable to trust

Violence and illusions

With unnecessary fuss

Of course, this doesn’t even

Scratch the surface

Of the amount of issues

Across this world lurking

When the whole point of searching

Should be directed to the One

Who is always watching and circling

Calling the quits

And bowing out early

Before going to the all knowing

Falling short because of this

Because we’d rather be


Yet undeserving

And in such a hurry

To do any and everything

What little that we bring

To the table

With no comparison at all

Expecting to fly

But just setting up the next fall


Would be the best word to describe

The very person

We continue to hide

Though all things reside

Through the Creator

Not just now but later

But also from before

A very real fact

That we can’t continue to ignore

The knowledge

The outpour

The actual score

The true ability to soar

And so much more

Including our identity

And real serenity

To which time

Doesn’t ever apply

Because our Creator

Is the actual infinity

And has always been the key

All life and creation credited

Owed and exist because of him

So, fall to your knees

Open your eyes and see

Give thanks and look above

To the author of destiny


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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