Who You Choose (Part 2)



Be very mindful

Of whom you choose

To be in your life

Because it could turn out

Like dropping an anvil

Right unto you

And dim your own light


The bad and unwise choice

That felt right at the time

Listening to your own voice

Speak into existence

Yet sounded so distant

A so called good find

That more time

Should have been taken

Inside your mind

Before making

The decision about this person

Ending up angry and cursing

Spiteful and regretful

That can turn you bitter

You stayed around longer

Than you should have

For fear of being a quitter

Or ending up alone again

Ask yourself

Was it really worth all of this?

Over this man

Over this woman

Drew a line

But made in sand

Easily moved by them

Trying to meet their demands

Devaluing yourself

Trying to be someone else

That was never you

Trying to hold onto

Someone and something

That quite frankly

Was never good for you

Who you choose

In some aspects

Can say a lot about self

Could mean life or death

Bringing out your worse

Or your very best

When put to the test

Having you tossing and turning

And going without rest

All for one bad decision

From clouded vision

Be good to self first

And to the letter

So you can bypass the dirt

And next time choose better


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Writings By MCM

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