The Wanderer



Roaming through this world 

And rolling solo 

As thoughts continue to twirl 

Around and inside the mind 

And with time 

Trying to figure out 

Exactly where to go 

Making moves that are uncertain 

As curiosity stands up straight 

Like a very tall show curtain 

With questions piled up 

About and on your person 

Hoping that the answers 

Aren’t hidden from you on purpose 

Walking a single and solitary path 

Yet split on a divide 

Approaching this quickly 

And needing to choose a narrow line 

Down the road to somewhere 

Having been to many places 

That were mostly unfair 

Having to stop and stare 

In the one direction 

Of your intersection 

Yet feeling lost and nervous 

Standing in an unknown sector 

Wanting to reach the vector 

After much observation 

Waiting to fill up mentally 

At the very next station 

A path less traveled 

But seems to unravel 

With each step taken 

Against the gravel 

Traveling aimlessly 

And in the pursuit of real happiness 

That in this very moment 

Giving much of self and to capture 

Just a small piece of a better life 

From all the stress and strife 

And tired of having less 

Dazed and confused 

From missing out on all the rest 

That has eluded you 

And kept you from the best 

Playing life close to chest 

And trying to protect self 

As if wearing an armored vest 

And seeming dire 

Covering up the heart 

With all that it desires 

Before your actual time 

On this Earth expires 

One day hoping 

To leave the ground 

That surrounds you 

And to soar much higher 

Dreams and direction bound 

Goals and corrections found 

That you’ve come to know 

Yet also ponder 

To fill a void that has been under 

Roaming through this world 

And rolling solo 

As the wanderer 


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