Can walk
But cannot talk
Left out in the cold
When the vital importance
Of it became no longer
A priority or seen as old
Yet too bold
When it came to doing half
Instead of a whole
A basic foundation
For many relations
The life blood and pulse
When everything else has
Burned up like toast
Gives a chance to fix
Something that has left
Or wandering if it still exists
Not up for a debate
Because this is real
And if you’re too late
Get lazy and try to wait
What we have here now
Is a failure to communicate
Disrupting everything
And can flatline the relationship
Before you even realize
That it is done
And over with
Not making this a priority
Is because of this
Not enough words and talk
From the lips
Or the tongue has dished out
Too many bad hits
Too wrapped up in getting your way
That you have allowed everything
To die and go to waste
Only worrying about self
Instead of taking the time
To actually say and state
What was needed
Now bleeding out fast
And this will not last
Because the two of you
Just could not get pass
Doing what was wrong
When you know the answer  
All along
But too stubborn to carry it on
Communicating for the good of the
Whole entire thing
And what was needed to bring
This to where it needed to be
But refused to see
That it takes two
If you cannot or refuse
To get this right
Then prepare now
To bid it adieu
Falling away from the light
And very soon 


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