The power to influence

And direct behavior and events

Just shy of ruin

Running a course for people

Who seem meek and weak

Or attempting to control

Everything you do or seek

But control is an illusion

And reeks of seclusion

Initiated by selfishness and the misguided

Exposed often times

Even though most are good at hiding it

It is more than enough work

Trying to just control self

Where is the time and energy?

To even attempt control of

Something or someone else

And if managed

Then what is left?

Other than torn pieces

Scattered around on a mental shelf

Because control was allowed to happen

To even the best of us

And imagine the disgust

Of those who are actually tough

One side of the coin

From the rich and powerful through

Dominance and mastery

Craftiness and supremacy

To rule over and govern

With the other side of the same coin

And most not knowing

Or trying to solve and manipulate

One’s own puzzle

By attempting to control

Everything in your wake

And closeup environment

But for Pete sake

Don’t get sucked into

So much self-fulfillment

Until it erupts in your face

Because at some point

It will take its toll

Due to the world ruined

But so much control


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



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