As The Wind Blows





Tap Tap 
Is the sound I hear 
Against the window 
When it came near 
Moving about outside 
Circling everywhere 
With no place to hide 
It picks up and starts 
To make a howling sound 
Trying to speak words 
That cannot be found 
The end of a tree limb 
Crackles against the glass 
Moved from where it’s been 
And how long will it last 
As I go pass 
The window pane 
Clouds moving about 
Like it wants to rain 
The outside just seems 

So busy right now 
With leaves falling from trees 
Yet somehow 
They still managed to bundle together 
Despite the swift breeze 
And the restless wind against the trees 
As I walk towards another window 
Where I remain for a while 
Watching the show outside continue 
As the steady breeze flies by 
Touched the window 
And it feels cool 
Cause the air outside 
Has gone and seeped through 
But in this moment 
I could see my reflection 
Staring back at me 
A window for two 
Though I didn’t want it 
To imitate me 
Just wanted to see the view 
Of a dismal sky 

That was initially blue 
But a pocket of clouds opened 
Letting some sunshine through 
And right against the very window 
Where I stood with my eyes on you 
Also watching the wind 
Still moving about 
As if trying to find a clue 
And all of this started 
From the wind within my view 
Staying inside as the thing to do 
My own moment in time 
Slowed down to pay attention to 
Nature in another way unfold 
When it visits once more 
My place will be at the window  


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Writings By MCM


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