To Gamble Life Away


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Taking risky chances

That may or may not pay off

Many taking the stance

Of disappointment after such a loss

For those that gain

And the mere luck around you

Seems to remain

And in some aspects very strange

Trying it on for size

But after a while

Life catches up

And gives an eye opening reminder

Vast ways to express this moment

Yet they could be kinder

Unnecessary risks in life

That could very easily haunt

And come back to bite

By being so illogical

And blind to the very sight

Or even the fact of

Everything changing all at once

From what it was

All because of running along

Not smart but head strong

Hoping and desiring a result

Wagering and speculation

That loosened and lost

Many of your bolts

And quite a few screws

But yet continue to choose

Something that will not yield

The best for you

A roll of the dice

And nothing nice

A flip of the coin

Not really sure where you are going

Sometimes cannot make

Heads or tails of the situation

All cards on the table

Are you willing and able?

To make a better choice

Concerning your own life

Before loss becomes you

And turns off your light

And scramble

A life deep in shambles

All due to making unwise decisions

While using your life to gamble


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Writings By MCM


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