Dark Before The Dawn



When going through life’s storms

Just remember that

It’s always darkest just before the dawn

Hope when it seems nonexistent

Hope still when all else fails

For those that truly hang on

And keep pushing forward there

Will one day prevail

The hours leading up to the day

And in many ways

Displays the coming light

Starting off a new day

That hopefully is bright

That darkness turning down

And allowing the light

To wear the crown

Keeping hope very much alive

And soaring high above

Instead of going away inside

Not just settled and kept

Only to the ground

And surrounding ourselves

With those with similar likeness

And interests that I suppose

Will always expose those

Who turn inwards

Causing more harm than good

And this will be understood

By people such as this

Using the mind and willpower

Way more than fists

And further more

Do people like this

Truly exist anymore?

Playing no games and wanting more

As they enter life’s door

With the lights turned off

And not afraid to cut on the switch

Knowing which is which

After the dust finally settles

And adding up the cost

Moving on from potential loss

To finally settle in

Where the light will no longer

Be easily shutoff

The dawn is on the way

Just get through the night

So, you can see the next day

And come face to face

With the darkness making way

Towards a path filled with light

That will turn out to be

Just right

A storm

Out of the norm

Circling overhead

From where you came from

But stand fast and with hope

And always know

That it is darkest

Just before the dawn

Gathering strength and new power

To help shape you

In the final hours


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



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