Care Too Much



You can care too much 
To a point where 
Disrespect and such 
Starts to become the norm 
When in the middle of this storm 
Letting it go on for far too long 
Allowed an excuse for it 
Moving it around the list 
Each time it exists 
And takes over 
Actions and words 
Becoming bolder and bolder 
Pushing you pass the limit 
Growing animosity with every wish 
On the inside feeling viscosity 
Hoping for things to turn around 
Everytime you hear the sound 
You care too much 
So I’ve been told 
Going through things 
That continue to become old 
And rather be sold away 
Making more adequate room 
For a better place 
Caring too much can be a curse 
While you go and search 
And take a deep look at self 
Before even bothering with someone else 
Go before the Creator 
Now and not later 
To get the mind right 
And shine a new light 
Putting up no more fights 
But rather take flight 
No more bites 
Or overly being too nice 
But look after self instead 
And put the rest to bed 
Nothing wrong with caring 
Just be mindful of oversharing 
Make sure to give it 
And save it 
For those that are worthy of it 

Not from the disrespect and such 
Because you can definitely 
Care too much 


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