Beneath The Waves



Beauty underneath us 

Through the vast oceans 

With power and motion 

That we cannot touch 

Regions below that are fixed 

And out of our reach 

The little that we can see 

And have mixed with 

Much more left than we even 

Know to seek out 

A whole other world below 

And we’ve only seen a very small fraction 

Just think how we would we feel 

After seeing and discovering more 

With the opposite reaction 

Yet in still not enough satisfaction 

Because there is just 

So much more 

That surpass our limits 

With beauty and secrets below 

That are never ending 

Going on for days and miles 

And for quite a while 

Just be content and smile 

From that which we 

Can actually partake of 

Because some of nature 

Was not meant for us to see 

And kept it out of our reach 


By the one above 


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM





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