Window To The Mind



Never let anyone in

Or ever tamper with your mind

The place where thoughts begin

And processed over time

The mind is very powerful

And must be mindful

Of what goes in and out of it

Displaying energy within

That seems always lit

The mind like a window

And all that it knows

As it continues to grow

Is your very own vessel

Controlling everything in the body

And should never tussle or wrestle

With anyone regarding

How it operates or needs to be

Like a window that allows

A passage of light

Sound and air

And opening that you must be careful

To whom you share

And with where

You wind up being

Using logic and reason

Not dense but with common sense

To allow trespassing there

Is committing self-treason

And seeing is not always believing

Especially when it comes to the mind

And the senses its retrieving

A path for no one but you

A gateway that should remain close

And never exposed

No matter what you do

Or who is close to you

Protect and guard it always

And don’t become a victim

Of your own maze

That ends up lasting up there

For many days

Don’t be easily swayed

Or persuaded

Falling quickly to being manipulated

Under someone’s control

And feeling jaded

This can’t be stated enough

Be the one person

To whom you can trust

At all times

And never allow anything or anyone

To enter and sabotage

The window to your mind


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Writings By MCM


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