He is always watching

Who is he you ask?

Our creator

Watching now and later

And always up to the task

The question is

Are we as well

Most of the time

No one can tell

Either with actions

Nor words and appearances

Being humble

As a byword

And consistently heard

But somehow ended up

In the category of disappearances

With every incident

Unsavory acts running rampant

And I’m certain he can’t stand this

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide to

That he can’t find you

Find all of us

Anytime of night or day

Despite how you feel

Or what you say

Even think of in some way

To him losing your appeal

Is what is real

And it will reveal at some point

Like aches down to the joints

And heart palpitations

Nervous to the fact

He is not pleased with these nations

Speaking justifications

Against him and even his creations

Or the mere fact that his very existence

Often times comes into question

And we haven’t learned our lesson

Continually acting like adolescents

Hardheaded and rebellious

Stiff-necked also while making him jealous

And angry to the core

Yet in still we continue to do more

That goes away from his ways

And wandering why

We’re not having better days

Stuck inside a self-hating cage

Running in a maze

And glad to be stuck

For days on end

At this rate

We will never win

He watches all the time

Whether you fall in line or not

He is perfect to the dot

Crossing him

Has never gone over to hot

So we just need to stop

Our ways are not his

And never were

Probably saying and stating

How much longer will this occur?

But again he always knows the answers

To questions we would never

Even think to ask

For him it’s an easy task

Nothing new under the sun

When it comes to pass

Thinking we’re to outlast

And bypass him

Our chances of this

Are not even slim

In fact it is not possible at all

Because all we continue to do

Is fall

Out of his graces and mercy

And skip over his laws

And it’s time my people

To take a moment of pause

And think about all

That has befallen us

Passing through this life and such

A way that has taken us

Completely away from him

Trim the sin

From where it begin

And get back to the natural order

Constructed and expected by him

To meet with obedience and love

Showing to him from down here

That we want to go above

Where we stepped off

And find our way back

After being so lost

And led astray

And pray

That he continues to grants us

Another chance

As he continues to watch us

Do the same old song and dance


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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