Aggressive as a pit bull terrier

And the intent of this poetic carrier

Is to go and reach the very speeds

Of breaking the sound barrier

Just because I feel the need

No stagnation

Or destruction

Allow me the forego the introductions

And taking you here

As an abduction

No need for further instructions

Or have to take any actions

Because there will be enough satisfactions

From all the reactions

Gathered from so much passion

And the written work as a confirmation

Poetry and poets have an affiliation

With never any cancellations

With much admiration

And plenty of affection

Taking many directions

And subsections

Requiring some correction

Before the actual presentation

The art form itself

Is an association

Riddled with much captivation

With no altercations

Acceptance of appreciation

Just waiting for a standing ovation

The poet’s mind and heart

Always set for calibration

And a culmination

When finished up

A celebration of organization

Having succumb to the art’s nature

And gladly adjusted to

An acclimation

Readying for another creation


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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