A continuation

Of the last creation

The sequel to the previous

With both in agreement

To take this one and cement it

This is me updating

And demonstrating

A mind so calculating

With the ability of creating

Works of art that are so liberating

And worth saving

Never degrading

When reading and writing

With the whole time smiling

And sounding admiring

With eyes dilating

And always stating

Yet accommodating

Always upgrading

Never downgrading

Peaceful with no hating




Always landing

Upon outstanding

No grandstanding

Humble yet capturing

And factoring in

What is happening

And seem like It’s grabbing

Mixed with the feelings of trapping

And jabbing

With the art attacking

Affecting and effecting

The emotional contracting

Though not taxing

But rather faxing you

Away and continue placing

Just waiting for further traveling

And the unraveling

Of poetic pieces

From the poet’s own anatomy

Seeing and realizing

The gravity

Of the poetical

And how critical

It is to the lyrical

And artistical

Words moving at times as miracles

With not one identical

And the poet keeps it original

Won’t ever backpedal

But always aim to be radical

And surpass the bilateral

Stirring up the emotional

States of vast people

With many sequels

To follow yet not always equal




And perpetual

Prepare yourself always

As the words approach upon it

Poetry and the poet

Will stay level and ongoing

Until they have both become


Striving and reaching for the speed

Of hypersonic


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



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