Frozen Mind



Trapped away inside

More lost than found

A frozen state of mind

Working upside down

Stuck in a zone

That defies logic

Wandering all alone

And fending off

Much needed knowledge

The kind you want find

By going to college

A life lesson

To help turn things around

There is something off

That is tearing you down

From the inside out

Refusing acceptance

After discovering what

It’s all about

Reasoning at a standstill

Refusing to feel and see

The true person that

You were meant to be

Just because it’s a habit

Doesn’t make it real or true

Right or what

You’re supposed to do

Just because you’ve been one way

Doesn’t mean that is where

You have to stay

Change is rarely easy

But the bold takes and accepts

Their life’s intended destiny

And forego anything else

That will keep one stuck

Inside of a mental prison

Running on some kind of luck

Blocking out the real reason

Your mind can’t be both

Near and far

Find the courage

To come to grips

With whom you truly are


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Writings By MCM


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