The one and only

First out of the gate

Created personally and directly

From an artist that simply

Could not wait

To invent the next unique piece

With full artistry as the key

The origin story of this new artwork

No copy or imitation here

And nowhere will this appear

To be anything but the first

Of its kind

Keeping in mind

That with time

This artistic piece

Will show and prove

What the artist hopefully

Intended it to

Be from the mere idea

That started it all

And able to continually recall

Later what the eyes would see

Intrigued by the next masterpiece

If you will take notice

As this takes shape

Forming a model or basis

For other works to imitate

Leaping off the canvass or page

Enveloped and moving around

Within an artistic escape

Not meant to be trivial

Or the next miracle

But instead be the unusual

As well as something new

Never quite seen before

Ready and aiming to be

Such much more

And even surpass

What the artist originally had in mind

Yet truly staying authentic and within

Its original design


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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