To connect on a much grander scale

The dream and goal of a poet

With so much to share and tell

Connecting with people

From all across the world

And all walks of life

How could this not seem right

Using my words to hurl

Them across so many areas

Like a lethal virus

And I’m the carrier

But in this context

What comes next

Is only meant to be positive

And promote change that will stay

For many years after the poet has gone

Effects felt and rearranged

The lives of everyone

That ever came in contact

With the poet’s many works

Taking the poetic journey with them

And enjoying it often

As a favorite dessert

Finding more ways to connect

With more exposure

Going beyond just a safe bet

An overture of words

A curvature of art

That will always and hopefully

Touch the many minds and hearts

Because the poet grinds

And finds

Staying pass many hours

So these art pieces

Can fall in line

And continue to shine

Well after its been written

And never hidden

Taken in as the greatest passion

And you have been bitten

Yet also smitten

By this literary work

Gathering more power

Through much attrition

And always on a mission

To become the best

And a long lasting impression

With more written work for all to see

As I concur

Connecting to the very end

Can you see the whole picture?


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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