No smile to be had

At least by those with a conscience

Feeling wronged and mad

As violence keeps launching

Hate has taken over love

Racism has taken over respect and regard

Placing so many on guard

Right above semi living

And barely surviving

Injustice over peace

Some living on their knees

Instead of on their feet

The rich meet and greet

While so many are poor

And living on the streets

Wrong has taken over right

Evil has taken over good

Violence has disrupted harmony

And genuine care has been stolen by money

Non privacy has taken over privacy

Forced laws and illogical policies

Have taken over freedom

With no prayer or real anthem

So many discrepancies and injustices

That the count has been lost

And this has cost

All of us here

Watching daily and nightly

As things get gradually worse

And doing any type of real good

Just continues to disappear

Ever so quickly and taken lightly

With no care truly displayed

For all of this to be understood

Like everywhere you go and turn

Just seems like it has been cursed

And most people just try to disperse

Running to anywhere they can

Hoping for some resemblance

Of a little peace

In this very small corner of Earth

And wishing that the many prayers

Will be answered and hover

Over the constant and malignant ways

That cause and reproduce

Hoping to greatly reduce

These takeovers


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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