Lost Art



To be experienced and shared
Not be erased like it was never there
Or ever existed
Because no one resisted
The plans or actions
To remove and no longer care


We must continue
To put pen to paper
Not just now
But also, later down the road
And when stories get told
Of how it actually feels
To touch something very unique
And also, tangible
Vintage yes but also manageable
And cannot be discreet
This art form can never reach its peak
Art that feels real and heartfelt
Not a digital or carbon copy
Originality so unapologetic
And will never say sorry
Or show any regret
Let this not wind up being
The very last one left
While holding a breath
In anticipation
This art form should never
See any extinction or annihilation
The power and purity of it
The rawness and classic appeal
To always cover it
As the literary reveals and seals
Don’t allow technology to steal away
Or tear it apart
Because poetry cannot become
Another lost art


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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