Thinking Over This



Sometimes your very own thoughts

Can be the bandit

Filling up your head inside

Until you can’t stand it

Just too much on the mind

Many thoughts becoming the culprit

Moving about until you clear them

Facial expressions that can appear grim

With chances that are slim

Finding the solutions soon

To be very near and dear

And simply appear

The answers arising

In this moment right here

On overflow

And rolling out in droves

Hopefully to come off nice

And not having to be repeated twice

Be lucky to have a sound mind

Others have lost theirs over time

Don’t take it for granted

Walking around like you can’t stand it

With the ability to expand it

A plane circling around

But you’re too afraid to land it

Having to move your body

Putting it in transit

To the next move

And you don’t want to lose

Preferring to self soothe

Doing enough thinking for two

When it’s only one of you

Keep the mind clear

And your emotions from turning blue

As much as possible

With quitting as the last option

Or not at all

Try not to cause

Your very own downfall

Leaving you in a dismal place

Vulnerable and stranded

Reaching a point

That you can’t withstand it

Place yourself on a better note

With no negativism to tote

Around and carry

Going a for a more positive outlook

That sometimes varies

With various ideas and thoughts

The one place to not end up

Is completely lost

Down and out

Scream and shout

And in the middle of the forest

Stay away from the hardest

Path for yourself

In charge of this yourself

A responsibility

Not for anyone else

A task that only you

Can walk and do

And be true

Always for self

Not allowing for less

Forego the rest

And give it your very best

Logical minded

With common sense actions

Behind it

Not too much in your feelings

When you have dealings

That will call for

A focused brain

Use it wisely

To create the change

And cause a chain reaction

That will lead to personal satisfaction

A domino effect if you will

All the while accomplishing ideas

Even as you lay still

Using the creative center of the brain

To help reveal

And appeal to your innermost desires

Just let the mind

Take you higher

With a positive attitude

That reaches higher altitudes

So the best thoughts

Won’t allude or escape you

Staying confident

And sure footed

Even when sinking

The very place to put it

So just listen

So in an instant

Yet forcing the senses

To join you

Amazing what the mind can do

Beyond belief

If you catch the meaning

Utilizing it more

Just by thinking


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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