Lost In The Garden Of Right and Wrong



The right that seems wrong

Or the wrong that seems right

Wandering at times

Where one or the other

Truly belongs

And just might

Cross a line of no return

Consequences either way

We all must learn

The lines between these two

Often times gets blurred

And trying to determine

Once it all goes down

Which one had occurred

And one of these words

Follows with actions

Landing a positive or negative

Reaction from such traction

Walking through a garden

Where both of these lie

An inevitable trend

On either side

Seen in a valley of black and white

Or plains or grey

One resides in light

While the other has shade

But wait

Reaping harvest from one

But not always

Th other seen as a consequence

That headed down a path

Yet went the wrong way

Happening quite often these days

And many having their say

Doing whatever they please

And come what may

With results and repercussions

Falling down a hill of disruption

In many interruptions

Deterring away from much needed discussions

When the difference should be known

Between wrong and right

But such a fight put up

When the correct statement or action

Would’ve been more than enough

Planting seeds for the future

Not just for the present

And what your garden will produce

Is the real question

So as to determine and deduce

Where one will take their direction

Make the pathway clear

Instead of getting lost

Growing and nurturing a moral dilemma

It is your choice

And always comes at a cost

The difference between a win and a loss

With results attached to a stigma

Creating a puzzling situation

By mixing the two

Instead of separation

And becoming an enigma

Of darkness and light

Roaming this life’s garden

Of wrong and right


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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