Violence Upon Violence



Charlottesville is just one of many places

That blood has been spilled

Fighting with fists and guns

And this is no good for anyone

Its twenty seventeen

And were still dealing with this foolishness

With all the hate and racism in between

When will we see?

That this is no way to be

And no one will get ahead this way

That same noise from day to day

Bursting out unnecessarily

And funneling a blaze

Just to see how fierce it can get

And getting all bent

Completely out of shape

So much violence but no debate

Blood spilled like it’s free

And fun to waste

Peace and respect has gone out the gate

So much pain and suffering

But nobody waits

To do better and try to write

Some new history

Instead keeping up

The same old misery

And a repeat of mysteries

Doing nothing but further traumatizing

What was already committed to memory

This needs to stop now

Today and not later on

So many that never saw home again

From this evil and vile trend

Because they were met with violence

In some shape of form

And the people causing this

Has made this the norm

Moving through this world

As a racist traveler

Causing hurt and harm to others

With tomorrow not on people’s calendars

The answer to all of this

And to one another

Is to increase respect and peace

Not constantly finding more ways

For violence to increase

But rather make it cease

Because this has become

A very rapid and infectious disease

Infecting everyone everyday

Even if you choose to look the other way

The triumph of evil can only continue

If good people stand idly by

And do nothing

For this brings about

Only more problems

Stacking them so up so high

Just making it more difficult

To even solve them

A world in deep trouble

Hurting out loud and with silence

Since we never came from under the rubble

And continuing to just carry on

Violence upon violence


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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