Restless As Dark Clouds



As my mind wonders 

From day to day 

Night to night 

It continues to ponder 

In ways that might 

Seem very restless 

It runs twenty-four seven 

Or so it seems 

And I reckon that it moves 

At a hundred miles an hour 

Missing the wants and needs 

That are so dour 

Of many specific 

Yet singular things 

And to all that it would bring 

Can’t turn it off 

No shutoff valve in place 

And after while 

You can see this written on my face 

Too many things moving 

At such a slow pace 

That needs renewing 

And waiting for the ensuing 

To be finally poured and made in concrete 

Tired of living in the shade 

With so much that is discreet 

Too much weight on the feet 

Unable to truly sleep 

With many days and nights 

Coming and going 

Yet remain on repeat 

Dark clouds above and over my head 

And time for the sun 

To break through instead 

A stressed and restless body 

As a result of all the folly 

Like a broken record this is 

Not probably 

But for real 

As I lie still 

Waiting for the answer 

To be revealed 

Surrounded by much fate 

But is always unsealed 

For it is never too late 

Is what I believe 

Trying to stay strong 

As I continue to bleed 

Out the necessary 

What lies ahead to unfold 

With pain at times felt 

Down to the soul 

Light and darkness visits often 

And also varies 

The blow rarely softened 

With so much to carry 

The situation not good 

Just all around 

Many days and nights spent 


And hopefully soon 

The solution will be found 

Because I am tired of being 

Restless as dark clouds 


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