Search Party



Lost but don’t want to be found

As long as poetry is around

A place I want to be

And feeling very free

To roam about my own world

Where no one else exists

And can’t resist

Getting lost with poetry

And don’t want to be missed

A place where my inner most

Thoughts and feelings

Have somewhere to go

Constructive and productive

Welcoming me to the fold

Many creative thoughts

Inside my skull

And heavily engrossed

Like reading a good novel

Every time I get the paper and pen

And get on a roll

So, it begins

An endless journey

With no such thing as returning

Because poetry is so inviting

Wanting to get lost in the writing

And finding myself smiling

With nowhere else I need to be

Don’t need anyone to rescue me

In no way shape or form

This place is comfortable and warm

And always in good fashion

Causing lots of reaction

And not on the clock

So, I am never tardy

Indulging and enjoying every minute

So, no need to ever send

A search party


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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