Poetical Creations



As a poet

You seek the title

To your next work

And to find the words

That will lurk in your head

And spill out from the heart

Won’t put to bed

Until you get it all out instead

Like going down your own chart

Box by box

And line by line

Always finding the time

To create the next one

Find the pen

Find the paper

And can’t settle down

Until this is done

Typed up digitally

To share visually

What you hold inside

That is just clawing

At the surface

To get out and shine

Words and works of art

That are on another level by far

Ideas scattered across a desk

Reaching for the one

To post and share next

Creativity is the brain food

That encompasses you

Every hour of the day and night

Won’t be satisfied until

You get to write

The poems burning inside you

And in all sincere truth

This art form

Has become you

Literary creations

Sorted and varied

Felt as an obligation

Until you carry this out

And complete the mission

Hoping always to come up with

The next brilliant invention

Wrote and penned by you

As your very own

I mean hell

What else are you going to do?

But put pen to paper

Words to be heard

Now and not later

With no real or actual favorite

Because they are all your kids

Coming to fruition

From what you did

A talent that was given to you

From you know who

So fellow poet


On your next poetical creation


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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