Journey Of A Poet



With this pen

I will use as a weapon

To bring out words

Subjects and verbs

That you may or may not

Have heard

To push it forward

And go towards

Every ear that will hear

Every eye that can see

And read through

The work that is put out

And without a doubt

Be able to understand it

And granted

Words with meanings

That just landed

Coming from a lyrical bandit

And chance it

Not from something enchanted

But realism grounded and sanded

Every time you come in contact

With it

Poetry that takes you on a trip

Gives you a lift

Spitting words out from lips

And because of this

Reread and playback

Like a disc

Lines and meanings that hit

And never miss

Moving through another abyss

With each poem sealed with a kiss

And a smile after it

Meant to go down a list

And touch as many lives

Within its grips

And tilt many heads

Every time its read

Yet instead

Helps put rumors to bed

Pure heart with no lead

With strong words that tread

Not so carefully

Or figuratively

Because they move so literally

And lyrically

Giving the best of me

For the sake of the literary

Poetry that will inspire and vary

Strong but caring

Aggressive but understanding

Fire for fire

But fair when landing

From a flight of many miles

And the unforeseen smiles

That tend to stay for a while

Moving along the Nile

Never on trial

But can pile

Up to many words of art

In its own right

Never comes apart

Solid from the very start

To the end of the very last line

Leaving behind a light

That just might

Continue to shine on

Well pass being read that day

Making you feel

Some kind of way

That you just can’t wait

For the next one

To not be outdone

But to evolve just enough

For some pure artistic fun

But leave an impression

And indicate points and a lesson

With the very essence

Gathered without hesitation

Art that moves and grooves

And self soothes

Using a stepping stool

To reach more faces and places

Well beyond just you

With words that can rescue

Many when let in

And taken in

A poet’s journey is one

That will never end


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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