Man And Machine




Both existing on two fronts

And this has occurred over time

Having machines do what we want

Even provide thought

With many inventions called sublime

Technology made to enhance life

But did we step too far into the light

Programming them to do

What we think is right

And the best

To keep enhancing beyond

All the rest

That came before

And just never satisfied due to wanting

More and more

Can’t be fully content

Until we go to the very extent

Of merging these two together

And running concurrently forever

Pertaining to a system designed

To interface with both human and machine

Will this cure and provide the satisfaction

Of wanting the complete interaction

With both us and them

And are the chances of not

Going through with this slim

A cyborg if you will

And hoping to be

An inevitable task sealed

The human and automated

Operating both physically and mechanically

Becoming a movement of singularity

As we step into this technological portal

Pointing to the direction

And with all intensive purposes

Of trying to become immortal

A vicious cycle

Stuck in idle

Revolving around circuits

Hardware and software

Wired up to project the surface

But who are we serving here

Ourselves or someone else

All at the very hands

Of tampering with nature

And trying to change and improve upon self

In this vast and technical nomenclature

How can we be certain

That this will end up as intended

Or be what it included and seems

Involving and revolving everything in between

No way for any of us

To know for sure

So why not keep it pure

And just endure

Your original and biological design

And for a sign

The architecture of the mind

And just seek to find

The way to improve

Ourselves by far

The machine and man complex

Doesn’t need to take place

Just to become better than what

We already are


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Writings By MCM


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