Leave The Past



Moving forward is important

And to not look behind

Hard to clear the mind

From past time spent

Roaming from incident

To mistakes made

Hoping to cover them over with shade

Some of your very own rules

You didn’t obey

But hey

Life goes on

You can be its pawn

Or look forward and move towards

A new dawn

Starting today

Put aside the past

Leave behind the dead weight

Before it’s too late

Crossing a line that may last

And interfere

With what you now have

Put it away as a distant memory

And move on to bigger and better things

Just don’t bring

The same mistakes to ring

At the present door

Giving yourself and the future

A chance to have more

Getting on with life

Heal from the stress and strife

Or sins of the past

Leave it where it belongs

You can’t change something

That has passed

Now long gone

Redirect your mind

To find the best answer

Don’t allow the past

To be a constant cancer

Bleeding into the present

And disrupting a better future

Learn your lesson

And become a better version

Of you

Instead of forming a pattern

To hang on to

Don’t allow it to grow

Just let it go

And start a journey

On a brand new boat

To set sail

And take you the next time

Where you truly want to go


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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