My works coming together to form

One unique collection that I hope

Will one day push pass many boundaries

And surpass the norm

Be its very own storm

Heading towards places and people

With varying degrees

Of literary art

That signifies the best of me

Put on display

For the whole world to see

As my work groups

Further and further together

And because of this

It forms and compiles a new list

Poetry from my very own inventory

And continues to loop through

To one day be valued and treasured

Moving beyond measure

Telling and sharing my story

Among many

As the journey persists

And fights to exist

Staying always active

Giving inspiration to

Every piece that goes live

Seen from the outside

Yet absorbs the inside

While causing this to sustain

Among the memories

While I attempt even more

And always maintain

That which already remains

I live for poetry

And poetry lives for me

As I work diligently

And write up constantly

Placing this art collectively

To have it all point and indicate

Signs of this poet

Becoming even better

With more pieces in the queue

To further explore to the letter

Between me and you

Just burning inside

Waiting to write up more poetical pieces

As they grow and come alive


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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