By Design



Drawn out

Planned and executed

Have a look around

There is no disputing it

All things came about

As a result of our Creator

Who else could’ve made or created

Such perfection

Without flaws or interruption

That should always be appreciated

And constantly stated

Nothing we could ever say or do

Will ever outweigh this

And all of his marvelous works

No matter what you’ve learned or heard

The truth is

Everything including us

Are his

Most done within six days of time

All part of his design

As we followed afterwards

Even that which occurred

Was truly amazing beyond words

Intentionally done

Created by the only one

Who could accomplish and perform such feats

Surpassing many levels

That will never be defeated

Most have been retreating

From the truth of the matter

Believing we can climb ladders

And all of the chit and chatter

Making things even sadder

By denying the One

Making this optional

That made all of this possible

And continues to happen

Even until this very day

Too many feeling some way

About everything without his involvement

And to our detriment

We went and spent

So much time away

From what matters most

Gathering for a toast

And plenty that boast

Yet roast the very idea

Of a Creator

Not just before now

But also, later

Forgetting that there are

Many layers to him and this world

And the very nature of things

That we could never comprehend

Nor fully understand what he brings

To the table

And just plain incapable

Of being or doing anything

At the sheer and mere capacity

Of his amazing and gracious

Endless abilities and possibilities

Beyond measure

And absolutely clever

And whether or not we choose

To believe

Doesn’t change the fact

That everything that was conceived

Was all done by him

The very first architect and engineer

Calculations we could never phantom

Questions we could never answer

Believing and trusting him

Is and should be

The only anthem

With purpose on every surface

With an eye affixed to the sky

And a world that can be seen

For many miles in any direction

For we need much correction

To only seek his knowledge

And just fall in line

Because everything that was

Created and constructed

For all time

Including us

Was all done by his design


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Writings By MCM


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