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A place for safety

And constant security

Certain protocols followed

And strict maintenance

Under heavy surveillance

With strength of this place

Shown and stated daily

A castle or garrison

Many things relating to this

By similar comparison

Heavily fortified

From the inside out

Upheld and defended

Without a doubt

Or drop of hesitation

Or stagnation

Protecting against any and all attacks

With also the correct

And timely information

Most pertinent to this station

A citadel and fort

And when it comes time to fight

It will report and resort

To any means necessary

And reverting support

To ensure the survival

Of all that reside there

And must be aware

And on alert

Staying on the toes

Sharp and focused

As to try and avert

Unnecessary loss of life

To avoid casualties left and right

During and after a fight

Should it comes to this

To be bold and never fold

Taking every step possible

To be the most secure stronghold


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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