Traveling through the vast regions of life

The more and more I come to know

The good and the bad of situations

That make it so

With each day that comes about

Old and new problems arise

Many secrets and mysteries

That stay disguised

And people changing with time

Like the four seasons

Mimicking the weather

No matter the reasons

Weighing heavily

When the weight of a feather

Is actually needed

Life can bring about

Peace and death

Joys and regrets

It can best be described as

The elements of nature

At their worst and best

Simply addressing the light and dark

To go and embark

While seeking helpful advantage

Wondering the entire time

Will I be able to channel through?

And really manage

Bypassing useless disadvantage

In every way

And keeping focused and safe

Despite the issues

And grabbing less tissues

Walking this world with the need

To see the bigger picture

Earth and air

Fire and water

Do not despair

And care

To shape your life

In a better order

Feelings arrive at times

Of hardship and kindness

Hopefully striving to be at your best

And never accept less

Passing life’s test

And gathering up all the rest

Each human being in this world

Being of both sound and lost mind

Seen through glass eyes

And affecting each other’s lives

Having our own personal and individual opinions

Of all the things in this world

That make us think and wander

Who knows what lurks

Within all the minds and lives

In us all

So, we ponder

And should help one another

Like first responders

All over the world and present time

We all have a place and part to play

In the vast regions of life

With each coming day

For this is not a new development

As humanity, itself

Revolves around the elements


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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