A Play On Words



Words and more words

Like you’ve never heard

Before but hear

Everyone one of them that hits the ears

And never fear

Hold on to them ever most dear

And watch and feel

As they surpass the stratosphere

Cloud upon cloud

And literally and lyrically

Shouting out loud

Stern but also caring

And varies throughout the literary

From the paper created

The pen never runs out of ink

And ready to sync

With others before

Because this poem wants to say more

And this needs to be stated

Shared with the most curious

Never outdated or overrated

Unlikely to make one furious

Or a bit delirious

But will definitely stir emotions

And cause such commotion

With creative disruption

Words moving like the waves

Gathered up within the ocean

This art form can spread words

Like locusts

And have such a specific focus

In case you haven’t noticed

Moving fast and lightweight

Like a Lotus

Going down a track

A written or verbal attack

With meanings that refuse to crack

In order to

Fill in a gap

That is sometimes lacked

This art form moves

Side to side

Front to back

All you have to is

Sit back

Enjoy and relax

And allow the words to hit

Your very ears

And don’t hesitate to share

This with your peers

Come here

Lend me your ears

Listen and hear

Because this style will vanish

And then reappear

Art to hold most dear

As you stand thinking about it

On a pier

Letting it absorb

While sounding crystal clear

Putting emotions in gear

When you come near

Art on a very different frontier

Words that spear

Allowing the poet and artist

To say

As an any day or all day grinder

And night writer

I am here

If the words had to be described

As a fabric as they appear

They would be cashmere

Written sound waves just waiting to be heard

Injecting my play on words


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM



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