A Book By The Beach



To the beach I go

Walking towards it

With a book in toe

Nice out today

With shaded parts of the sky

On the way out

Riding the clouds

As I stare out

Waving to them goodbye

I find a comfy place to sit down

Arrived here with a frown

But after taking in this view

It has turned around

My favorite book in hand

Opening it up

To read for a while

As I sit firmly in the sand

And nice to the touch

On my face I feel a smile

Moving through the chapters

That have been compiled

For my reading pleasure

With the actual feel of a good book

That technology just can’t measure

Or compete with

Time in the book spent

As the day has come and went

Leaving a dent in the sand

That shows I was here

Enjoying myself

As the rest of the world

Just disappeared

Reading can take you to a place

That other things can’t reach

Taking a moment for self

And with no one else

Just relaxing and cuddling this book

Right here at the beach


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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