Who You Choose



The person you pick
To be a part of your life
Can be an asset to it
Or cause you stress and strife
Can mean the difference
Between love and hate
A life turned great
Or hell around the heart
Can be a joy or a hindrance
And there is definitely a difference
One to enhance and romance
Not drag you down
A smile a dance
Not cause you to drown
The choice is yours
But be mindful of those
That sneaks and hides
They will lie when
You felt it was real
But over enough time
Their true intentions
Will be revealed
A gamble either way
Just hope and pray
That the choice you made
Doesn’t come back
And blow up in your face
So whatever you do
Choose someone that will help you
Become better after
They enter your life
And you in theirs
But always be aware
Watch what they say and do
And hopefully spare
Your heart and mind
The possibility of going through
Pain that could last a lifetime
Be able to one day release
And greatly receive
A life with someone
Full of love and peace


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