Two Way Street



Love is never just one way
Know this coming into it
From the very first day
Be upfront and honest
It truly matters in ways
When later upon it
The two of you will remember and say
Glad to be here with you
Or I regret ever meeting you
Mistakes can’t be set on repeat
Apologizes you seek
Will not always fix the issues
One of you holds on to so discreetly
That your partner needs to know
Because eventually that problem
Will one day surface and show
Rest assured
It doesn’t all rest on just one person
Not doing each other’s part
Clinging on to the other like a sea urchin
Time to always be present
Take care of each other
Or another may show up
Showing how neglect otherwise
Will teach a very hard lesson
Tried and true
Indicate to each other
That you are of value
And what you both offer
No one else can compare to you
Always to this very day
Should be the feeling within
Every time you see their face
With such clarity
A love that has become a rarity
Trouble will come
But that’s not the time to bail
If you’re only there when it’s good
Then you have truly failed
From real love and a fight
That should always prevail
Dispelling any rumors
More than anyone could tell
And set sail you two
Because the journey doesn’t work
Without both of you
Being kind and nice
Not speaking and acting as cold as ice
Be careful with your words
Because they could do far more damage
Than even physical hurts
Must work at it each day
Don’t expect to sit back and just replay
Due to being complacent
Keep it hot and interesting
As you did from the very first day
Back to the basics
From square one
Go out and have some fun
Always value your time spent
To get through those days
When it may not be time or enough of it
Showing love more through action
Though words cause a reaction
Within those eyes you should see
Love and satisfaction
And meaningful affection
Try to love each other always
From every angle and direction
Both woman and man
And understand
That not doing so will bite
Keep in mind that you’re connected
To both their heart and life
Shouldn’t be such a task or feat
To never want or disturb
Nor kick to the curb
Their strong feelings and heartbeat
Commit and jump in
With both feet
Long term as the goal
From the time you both meet
Love and promises to keep
And best believe
It is always a two way street


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