Open Your Eyes

In deep thought of this world around my people:




Open your eyes
To the world around you
So much going on
With lies hiding truth
Truth twisted for gain
One plus one may not equal two
What has really changed?
When all that remains
Is confusion left behind
Scattered around the brain
Too many tricks played
No seriousness but many games
Open your eyes
To evidence right in front of you
Plain as day
And in clear view
But decided to be blind instead
Many lights on green
When they should be red
Evil all around us
From the very faces of those
That we trust
And love beyond measure
Passing themselves off
As a valuable treasure
Trading being right
For meaningless pleasures
Choosing items that bring nothing
When looking back on their life’s ledger
Open your eyes
To the uninitiated
Barely stated
And faced it
Deny it and figure that waiting
Is the real answer
Living life like they wanted cancer
To consume the mind
Heart and soul
Even after being told
And the truth exposed
Advised to be aware
And stay on their toes
Cause who knows
What tomorrow will bring
Those birds may not sing
Sleeping people
Unaware of the sting
Time to wake up
Let go of this dream
Disguised as a nightmare
And don’t dare
Hesitate any further
To love one another
Put away hatred
Towards fathers and mothers
Sisters and brothers
Kin and friends
Because starting over
And moving in the right direction
Is where we need to begin
Stop being naïve
Stop being shocked and surprised
Look around you
And gear up
Won’t change because you hide
Time to face life head on
Under the guise of lies turned truth
That should be despised
Take off the blindfold you
And open your eyes


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