Crystal Clear



What is said and done

Looks as it appears

Serious minded or having fun

Can you see situations

For what they really are

Like taking a look through a glass


And apparent

How it become crystal clear

A meaning stated one way

But taken a different way

Shown something one day

And forgotten the next day

Because what we have here

Is a misunderstanding

And not withstanding

With an unexpected warning

Needing this to be

A bit more forthcoming

To say the least

Clearing situations up

Before more confusion increase

When instead needs to cease

Wanting to follow a road

That headed for peace

Easily understood and unclouded

If only most people had allowed it

Unopen to multiple interpretations

Take it as it comes

And see it for what it truly is

Nothing more

Not an obligation

But could help all nations

Come to a better understanding

Instead of more conflict

And aggravation

State your point

And point at the truth

Finding that self

Is ahead of what most would

Or would not do

Time to see and pick up the clues

And try to renew

Some kind of new found respect

Being flown out

To all that are living and are left

To be here and carry on

Let’s get rid of situations and things

That just don’t belong

Should strive to be

Better people here

Lending a helping hand

To become a little more

Crystal clear


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Writings By MCM


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