The Water



A pure substance

With a universal element

One that we cannot

Live without it

Or get enough of it

This is heaven sent

And should show more appreciation

For it

Used by all things

And the sustenance it brings

Flowing along lakes

Rivers and streams

And though it seems 

It is unlimited

How can we be so sure?

From how much it is used and spent

Highly unlikely that we

Could create more of it

Treating as an unlimited supply

But why

Because it’s around all the time

Covers the majority of the Earth’s surface

And this was done on purpose

It is vital for all forms of life

Both human and animal alike

Plants and other things

Everywhere in sight

To stay alive and survive

For a lengthy period of time

Healthy and poised

As the ultimate lifeline

The right temperature and nutrients

Adequate for life

The formula is perfect and just right

We didn’t elect or create this

But without water

Many things would be missed

And would no longer exist

Us and this world

Mixed in with water

Sharing all of this

Quenches thirst

Delays droughts

Never misses a beat

No doubt

Used in many ways

That cannot be substituted

Water in many ways

Is the ultimate solution

And problem solver

Naturally done with no bother

Set to automatic cruise

We should not disrupt it

Use up or abuse

Or keep access from others

Enough to go around

To help care for each other

But don’t treat without any limits

Make it count always

As it was intended

Us and the world

With water and density

Always need it

In close proximity

As the last shot

In a final quarter

We cannot live or go without

The water


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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