The Moment When



The moment when you pray
Then see the results one day

The moment when
All seems lost
But the chance comes across

The moment when
Love seems out of reach
But later shows up
Better than you ever dreamed

The moment when
You find your true self
And much different than anyone else

The moment when
You look into the eyes of your child
For the very first time

The moment when
Good triumphs over evil
And when the natural heals more
Than any prescription pill

The moment when
You connect more spiritually
Than ever before
And reach a plateau
That simply can’t be ignored

The moment when
Life is more than just about self
Heading right while others went left

The moment when
You see the opportunity
To make a real difference
And have become a changed person
Ever since then

The moment when
Peace trumps hate
Gathering it up before it’s too late
Smiling in the faces
That love and kindness has replaced
With silence great
And honest right out the gate

The moment when
You become and want more
Truly going after
What life can have enstore
If you just open the door
And expand your mind
With significant results gathered
In due time

The moment when
Light covers darkness
And seeing beyond the monetary
For a different type of success
More or less
And giving it your best

The moment when
You find yourself completely different
Than all the rest
The moment when


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