Sea Escape



I have seen the sea

But it has not seen me

Standing at the shore

Thinking about wanting more

Taking some deep breaths

As the cool ocean air

Soothes my lungs

A sensation so relaxing

It is where it belongs

The waves are crashing in

And calling me out there

I hear the sounds now

But my mind is elsewhere

I sit down and think

As I sip a cool drink

Looking out there and beyond

What has taken me so long

To meetup with the sea

And initiate an escape

Both plans A and B

Taking a cruise along the waves

Staying out there the whole day

And maybe just maybe

I‘ll get lost at sea

And wind up landing somewhere nice

Meant just for me

Harboring this daydream

As I stare out to the sea

But a boat is here

And right near me

Ready to take the ultimate journey

Just need the bravery

To take it from the shore

Out to the sea ahead

With no hesitation instead

A solo trip across the way

May take a whole night

Or even a whole day

But I’m going to make way

And brave these waves

To get where I need to be

That desolate island

Just waiting for me

By way of the sea

Helping to coast me along

To complete this journey

Getting away from the stresses

Of each routine day

A much needed getaway

Well and long overdue

So time to plan my escape

This man will leave this land

To a place of peace

The inviting sea

Just waiting for me

To escape it all

And provided the means

To answer nature’s call

Will I come back

I do not know

But if the destination

Is the new home

Then let it be so


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