Why do we insist on
Being the opposite
Of how nature intended
Going on and on
And never ending
Why do we persist on
Doing wrong
The more we exist
Finding every exit we can
When the time comes to resist
The urges lurking about
All over the world
Evil surpassing every scale
Too much to unveil
But with being good
On so many levels
We have failed
Why do we insist on
Being hateful and racist
No love and selfish
As this further increases
Coming up with more reasons
For peace to not show up
And stay at bay
What more can I say
Other than pray
Each and everyday
Because this world
Is in a state
Of full unrest
Not passing the true tests
Of the heart and soul
Too much is happening
That is out of control
And has taken its toll
Upon many of those
With tears on the regular
And hearts froze
We don’t need to find
What is wrong with this world
Because it has already
Been exposed


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