The Point (Part 2)



One of your worst fears 

Causing steam  

To come from your ears 

Hanging on to something 

That means you no good 

Time to realize this 

And be understood 

Having second thoughts 

And reservations 

Gear up and look after yourself 

And initiate self-preservation 

The pot that is you 

Is boiling over 

Tired of being mistreated 

And run over 

Like you’re the rails and tracks 

With them as the train 

That consistently attacks 

Time to say no more 

Pack up some things 

And place them at the door 

Time to put all feelings aside 

And do what is best for you 

Stop saying hi and wave goodbye 

Doing everything you could 

You know that you tried 

But it takes two 

For it to reside 

And stay alive 

Say it isn’t so 

You already know 

That the time has come 

And the point has been reached 

With trust and love breached 

Walk them over 

And have a nice life 

Even though it may bite 

What feels wrong now 

Will later feel right 

Once they have left 

Your life and your sight 

And know that it 

Will be alright 

So, you will survive 

Start healing inside 

Once more 

Let them out 

And close the door 


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