The Art Of Rhyme (Part 4)

(Final Version)




Channeling words like never before 

To restore the art form 

To a status of excellent 

Grab the pen 

Then the words just went 

Out in a such a way 

That could last for days 

On end 

To simply just begin 

At a point where poetry will win 

And send 

Many people to travel 

This literary trend 

Where words equal art 

Never coming apart 

Travels from the mind  

Down to the heart 

Reading from the start 

And smiling at the end 

Poets never know when 

The words will appear 

Just as they come near 

It is time to write 

Right then and there 

With words coming from within 

And not out of thin air 

Pushing poetry to another level 

Eating the words up 

Like they are edible 

And the form itself is incredible 

The soprano to the treble 

And revel 

In the bask of its beauty 

Poetry fills up heavily 

Always ready 

To tackle until infinity 

Steadily and consistently 

Moving as the air 

And a swift breeze 

Poetry will not freeze 

Aim to please 

A lyrical release 

Measured upon many degrees 

Sailing countless seas 

Tends to increase 

Pushing forward always 

And will not cease 

Swarming this world 

Like bees 

The cure for unknown art work 


Swaying the literary 

And so, it seems 

To be everything 

That it introduces 

And brings 

Absorbed into many memories 

And letting off steam 

Filling up poetic areas 

With everything in between 

Written for me 

Written for you 

Take part in this art 

If you so choose 

As a poet 

We have no choice 

Captured and engineered 

To turn words into a voice 

And stay the course 

Poetry comes from those called 

And the poet is the source 

Strap in for wild ride 

Witnessing as poetry 

Turns the tide 

Scrambling the inside 

While all the while 

Taking us all very high 

And so inclined 

To respond in kind 

This art will take over 

And outshine 

The literary world over time 

Lyrically breaking lines 

Severing the obstacles 

So, it can’t hide 

Very present 

And exposed for all 

To see and never say goodbye 

Rolling always 

And staying the course 

Just another unstoppable force 

That refuses to rewind 

Forward notions 

With kinetic motion 

The art of rhyme 


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM













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