The Art Of Rhyme (Part 3)



Words being spit like fire

And taking you higher

Lyrical undertones and phrases

That will never expire

This poet will never retire

From the art

That is poetry

Readying self for part three

From the very start

Words that spark

And will never fall apart

Very much in line

And on the grind

From start to finish

Written explosions

That won’t diminish

Rounding up many notions

Causing much trouble

But have the exact potion

Words being noble and mobile

And sometimes wild

Staying for a while

Just displaying on paper

What is brewing inside

That wants to come out of hiding

And the pen and paper obliging

Creating works of art

And ready to energize

So that it can come alive

And really surprise

Focused and coordinated attacks

Right before the eyes

And so here lies

Another unique piece

Moving at the speed of sound

And arriving ever so quickly

Before you even realize

Having to slow it down

At times when in the zone

Before the ears come around

To even hear it alone

And read from the page

Just written and cemented in stone

As original works

To hearken upon and to own

The pen as a laser

And ready to insert

Into many hearts and minds

And over time

You will chime in

Breathe in

And absorb the rhymes

Placing themselves between

Every other line

Art in words

Words of art

And always on a mission

From the very start


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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