A Rainy Night



Sitting here at home

In the warm dim light

Watching through the window

As the rain falls on the night

Its dark inside and out

But enjoying every minute

Without a doubt

I see the rain

And it sees me

After opening the door

With calm as the recipe

Holding out my hand

Allowing it to touch me

The look of being in a trance

The more of it I see

Rain don’t go away

To come back another day

Enjoying your company

So hopefully you’ll stay

A little while longer

The thirst for you is more

While ignoring my hunger

For food because it will intrude

On the moment, I am having now

So, it’s being just rude

And displaying attitude

Because I don’t want to miss

Anything here

I can’t always be present

When it arrives and disappears

And no ability when missed

To make it reappear

Will continue to enjoy this sight

The rest of the night

With every raindrop

That bites the pavement

And wets everything around

Listening to its relaxing sound

Right at my ears

Savoring this moment

On a rainy night here


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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