Up The Game


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The game has changed

Time to rearrange

And set on another level

But be careful

Once you cross that line

There is no going back

So if you lack

The gumption to attack

Then stay behind the line

Before you find yourself

Humiliated and out of time

To save yourself

From the lyrical grind

Like fine coffee

That will shine

And taste good

Never misunderstood

And wish you would

Try to disrupt this motion

But no way that you could

This train always moves

Right down the tracks

Lining up for a verbal attack

That impresses the ears

Holding back tears

And suppresses all fears

A game changer if you will

No time or energy

To sit and lie still

On a mission

To have words spill

And thrill

Through every debut and reveal

Literary strategy

Tactical analogies

Coming out of me

Full force

Blowing away the canopy

Can’t hold me down

Can’t hold me back

This poet right here

Is always ready to attack

At any moment’s notice

And will observe and track

All words and rhymes

At all times

No problem or nervous 

When time to shine

A lyrical faceoff

Just tell me when

So I can takeoff

No shutoff valve here

When this poet starts up

And the words flow and appear

If you are not ready

Then stand clear

Leaving behind no remains

Virtually unchanged

But ready to evolve

To up the game


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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