Logic out of the window

With no remorse

And stunted mental growth

Can’t tell the difference

Between stable and unstable

Blaming everyone except self

And everyone is a nuisance

Committing acts on purpose

Bad behavior and faces

Going around in circles

With ears closed

And a heart froze

Letting evil takeover them

Both body and spirit

Feeling the ugliness

Seeing the ugliness

Every time you’re near it

Acting as a child

With a temper tantrum

Unstable and using words

To hurt

And actions to go bezerk

As the consistent anthem

Letting evil go to work

And trap them and anyone else in their mists

With no desire to help self

These people truly need

To go and seek help

And forego spreading further misery

Because their mental health

Is in serious question

They’ve grown too accustomed

To heading in the wrong direction

Nothing more than hate

Leave them alone

And run away

Before they truly explode

Then it will be too late

After getting caught in their wake

Nothing will change with them

Until they recognize their problem

And become willing and able

Otherwise they will continue

To go through life

Affecting themselves and others

And staying completely unstable


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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